Bad debt insurer for construction firms enters Christchurch market

Just two weeks before the collapse of Christchurch-based Challenge Steel the sales manager of National Credit Insurance Allan Mabey warned of the risky construction sector environment.

Credit insurance allows companies to make claims in the case of financial collapses leaving them out of pocket.

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NCI Minute – November 2017

Once a credit account is set-up, ongoing monitoring is crucial
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of monitoring your debtors. Preventing bad debts is a much better business practice than trying to recoup lost money in additional sales. If you would like more information on how NCI can help in this area, speak to one of our account managers directly or visit

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Relief in trade credit risk for Q2.

See our index score for some information on trade credit risk, looking at our data from NCI’s sources.

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NCI Minute – May 2017

A word from the MD

A milestone reached, thanks to our loyal clients
I’m pleased to announce in March 2017 NCI’s gross written premium broke the $100,000,000 mark! This has been the result of hard work and dedication from…

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