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At NCI, we continually look for ways to make the experiences of our clients better. You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.

Introducing Credential™

Credential™ saves you time, resources and improves efficiency in processing credit applications.

How it works

Credential™ is an online credit application that works for you. We tailor the specifications to meet your needs and once a potential customer submits a credit application request we will then conduct the necessary checks so you can trade with confidence.

Let your customers do the work for you.

Errors and time are reduced. You don’t lift a finger until the requested documents are delivered to you. What you receive is all pre-determined by you depending on your needs.

If you’re about adding extra value to your business, safeguarding your future and saving time, then Credential™ is the product for you.

See How Credential Works

Why use Credential?

  • Increase automation
  • A streamlined credit application process
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Enhance your credit management processes
  • Speed up the delivery of credit applications
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How Credential™ helps you

Credential™ has been designed so you decide what we do. Choose any combination of services, our in-house developers will tailor it to your needs.

Developed for you, the client.

There is a one off set-up fee for Credential™.

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