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Save time and get paid faster!

easyAR saves you and your business time and helps you get paid faster!

What is easyAR?

Do you want to save time and get paid faster?

Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business! This new tool helps you get paid faster and it will save you time! Imagine what you and your team could do with so many more free hours per month!

Companies in New Zealand can be time poor and as they focus of other aspects in the business, they tend to lose track of their accounts receivable. Manually, this would be an extremely time-consuming aspect of any business, but with easyAR, time spent on your outstanding debts can be cut in half!

How many businesses can actually say they have a good overall picture of their accounts receivable? Often, once you realise you have let this fall off the radar, it can be too late.

Why use easyAR?

Here are 3 reasons why your business needs easyAR:

1. Managing Clients
This system allows you to manage all your clients and their outstanding debts. With just the click of a button, you can see what you are owed and by who. This saves you the hours it would take to follow up each client manually.

2. Collect your debts faster
With easyAR, you can collect your debts in record time! There has been a 43% reduction in outstanding debts, which will have an overall improvement on your incoming cashflow.

3. Automatically reconcile incoming payments
The software can automate reminders, invoices and even integrate with your accounting software. Best of all, easyAR reconciles incoming payments automatically, so you don’t have to spend hours of your time over spreadsheets and bank statements.

Leverage this tool to help your business thrive.

easyAR is the best solution for your business. It provides a quick and efficient option for your accounts receivable and in no time, you will begin to see the benefits having a positive impact on your business.

There is no need to manually put in any more hours than necessary, with easyAR, lets make your accounts receivable an easy process.

So, what can it do?

A complete AR platform that just makes sense