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Trade Credit Risk Index Q3

Economy Woes Keeps Index Score High

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Dealing with Australian businesses? Tax debt reporting changes

We advised in February of the Government’s intention to increase the ATO tax debt reporting threshold from $10,000 to $100,000 if the debt owed to the ATO was overdue by 90 days or more and there were no on-going discussions regarding its payment.

Since then, a Bill has been introduced in Parliament to this effect, with the policy expected to net at least $30 million over the forward estimates through clawing back unpaid tax debts.

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A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

A core part of our role at NCI is understanding the needs of our clients, negotiating cover which is right for them, negotiating claim payments and developing tools that helps fill any gaps.

In our recent NCI feedback survey, clients stated one of their largest concerns was not getting full cover on their existing and new customers. However, over the past two years we have been developing the product, NCI Top-Up.

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q2

Risk index score rises to the highest level in 3-years

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Exporting to Australia: Financial Reporting Changes

For some time it’s been a requirement that a ‘large’ proprietary company lodge audited financial reports with ASIC each year. Under the current definition, a large company must meet at least two of the following three thresholds:

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Preference Claims

Preference claims seem specifically designed to torment efficient credit managers!

You discover that one of your customers may be having problems and immediately set about chasing up any overdue or outstanding amounts, only to have a liquidator force you to hand over the results of your efforts.

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A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

While we’re rapidly progressing through 2019, we should stop to take a moment and reflect on a couple of points from our most recent Client Satisfaction Survey. We asked our clients what the biggest challenges for them would be this year and this is what we heard:

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q1

Risk Index Score Remains Steady

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A Word From The Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

Welcome to 2019, with the year progressing already, many businesses would be preparing for the End of Financial Year.

Our commercial collections team in Auckland is in full swing, with a number of overdue debts being collected. Don’t forget that if your debts are insured, then you may be able to be reimbursed for these costs.

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Australian PPSR: Expiring Registrations

The Australian PPSR had its 7th birthday at the end of January and, understandably, there’s been quite a growth in the number of articles being written about how to deal with registrations that are due to expire.  NCI released its own fact sheet on the subject last year (click here for a copy) and our key message is simply ‘Don’t Panic’!

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