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What a whirlwind the last few months has been with the impact of COVID-19.

During March, many feared the worst and with significant lockdowns and reduced trading conditions, our industry braced itself for a possible flood of company insolvencies. However, a few months in and our data shows (at this moment in time), many of those fears are yet to be realised.

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q2

Insurer Limit reviews lead to jump in Risk Score

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A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

The current business environment and impacts of COVID-19 are providing various challenges to business communities around the world.

It is anticipated by many economists that, despite the efforts of governments to support their business communities and individuals, there will still be significant fallout relating to trade credit risks into the future.

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q1

Q1 tracking well, until COVID-19…

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We’re here to help you through these times.

The impact of Coronavirus is having a profound impact on our global community.

The extraordinary events are affecting us all – including national and international trade. We want to assure you that NCI is committed to working with you to help you get through these difficult and challenging times and mitigate to the obvious economic consequences.

There are steps you can take to help better manage risk and navigate through this period of uncertainty. We want to share these with you and also some general measures that have been introduced to support you in managing the impact of COVID-19 on your business and your commercial relationship with your customers.

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Coronavirus and its impact on the Supply Chain

With over 7,700 cases of the coronavirus confirmed by Chinese health authorities at the end of January, quarantine areas being put in place, and borders being closed, the social and humanitarian implications of the outbreak are, rightfully, to the front of the world’s thinking. However, with the focus of the outbreak being one of the world’s largest manufacturing territories, there will certainly be secondary concerns relating to its impact on supply chains and the ability of businesses to meet their own performance obligations.  In this regard, increasing attention is being directed to the relevance and application of ‘force majeure’ clauses in business contracts.

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A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

There is a buzz at NCI as we enter our 35th year. Since 1985, we have grown to over 190 staff, operate in 4 countries and support more than 3,500 clients. Thank you so much for your support and partnership.

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Trade Credit Risk Index Q4

A Welcome Reprieve in Claim Numbers

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A Word from the Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman

I am pleased to announce that during October, we opened our 10th office and 1st in Malaysia. With a very capable team we are looking forward to expanding our reach in the region. We are excited about this move and the developments it could bring in the future. If you have any subsidiaries or cover requirements in Malaysia, be sure to ask NCI for support in the region.

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Why Keyperson insurance is essential for your business survival

The unexpected loss of a key person could seriously impact both short-term profits and long-term business survival. That’s why Keyperson insurance is essential protection for the value you’ve worked so hard to build.

We’ve all heard it said that a business’s most valuable assets walk out the door every night. But, while every employee makes a valuable contribution to your business, the reality is that most businesses rely on just a few high performers and key decision-makers to win new business and deliver the high-quality service your customers expect.

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