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A Word From The Managing Director: Zara Mends
A Word From The Managing Director · 25.11.21

Despite initial predictions, insolvency and collection actions have been at record lows since the initial Covid related lockdowns in NZ.

Liquidations on the rise
A Word From The Managing Director · 26.05.21

Businesses have been challenged by COVID, but do you really know who’s struggling?

A Word From The Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman
A Word From The Managing Director · 18.05.21

What a difference 12 months makes; last May we were right in the thick of the pandemic and the economic outlook was looking bleak. Fast forward to now and the Australian economy has recovered at a pace many wouldn’t have thought.

The Benefits Of Top-Up Insurance
A Word From The Managing Director · 22.02.21

One of our meat clients held a multi-million dollar limit over their largest customer up until August 2020 when their insurer’s appetite to cover this customer changed and they imposed a 75% reduction on the limit overnight.

Privacy Act: 2020
Products · 17.11.20

The new act that comes into effect on 1 December 2020 introduces a number of new privacy protections for individuals and greater obligations for businesses and organisations. 

Review Of Australia’s Privacy Legislation
ASIC · 12.11.20

At the end of December last year, the Attorney-General announced a review of Australia’s Privacy Act to determine to what extent it is protecting and empowering consumers and best serving the Australian economy.

A Word From The Managing Director: Kirk Cheesman
A Word From The Managing Director · 12.11.20

I am pleased to announce that in October, we opened our 10th office and 1st in Malaysia.

Why Keyperson Insurance Is Essential For Your Business Survival
General · 14.11.19

The unexpected loss of a key person could seriously impact both short-term profits and long-term business survival. That’s why keyperson insurance is essential protection for the value you’ve worked so hard to build.

Brexit… Where To From Here? Does Anyone Know?
General · 12.09.19

Who would have thought a year ago Australia would win The Ashes and our political scene would be seemingly stable! Unfortunately, this is not the case for our friends over in the UK.