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Credit Managers – How to be YOUR business’s next SUPERHERO!

2 Minute Read
Written by Zara Mends
29 May 2023

It’s time for the next generation of business superheroes to put on their cape and fly out of the phone booth. Yes, that’s you! The company’s Credit Manager.

Are credit managers undervalued? Yes.
Are credit managers a critical part of the cashflow of any business? Yes.
Should credit managers be given more credit? Absolutely.

As they say, cashflow is the lifeblood of every business. The critical daily tasks of a credit manager helps protect the performance of any business. How do you shine within your organisation? Put on your superhero cape to be noticed!

Increasing SALES and minimising BAD DEBTS are two critical areas where a credit manager can influence the performance of their business. How do you get the confidence to approve higher credit limits and allow more sales to happen?

Three words – Trade Credit Insurance! 

What can Trade Credit Insurance give me?

Trade credit insurance provides the security, information and comfort to GROW sales yet still be protected in the event of a customer insolvency. Imagine attending the next sales meeting and telling them all their customer credit limits have doubled, so go out and sell more. At the same time, having the comfort of knowing that, if an insolvency did happen, approximately 90% of what you are owed would be returned via a trade credit insurance claim.

An approach like this, will not only have the additional sales pay for the credit insurance policy, but it will also grow your market penetration, increase sales and the business’s profit. We have many examples where domestic and export businesses have grown substantially through the implementation of trade credit insurance.

At the same time there are many other benefits to be had. Greater access to live information, ‘secret’ intelligence on debtor performance and contribution to collection costs to support overdue collection actions.

So, credit managers it’s your time to shine! Your time to explore the next step in supporting your business growth and protecting your profits. Dust off that superhero cape, put it on and be noticed.


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